Fat pics

If you had been overweight at some part of your life, you now that fat people hate being photographed. I’m no different, and I avoided cameras as the plague. A lot of pics got erased from my computer over the years. That’s why I don’t really have a “before” pic to show you… wait, I do! When I found a lot of pics in an old hard drive, I knew I had to post’em. But be aware, I’m not in my heaviest self in any on the pics. When I was HUGE, I never got my picture taken. So to get an idea of my heaviest, add 10 kilos (20 pounds) to the images.

This were taken in Caburga, Chile of course 😉 Now this is a full moon face

In the next one, I blinked =P

This is in “Saltos del Laja”, a pretty waterfall at the side of the main road

The very definition on skinny fat people. Oh, look what I’m holding in my hand *facepalm*

Yeah, what am I holding in the next pic? *facepalm, again*

  1. kayla dice:

    I saw your comment on Roni’s page about cheat day.. I JUST started doing that, and it definitely works! Do you find that it helps your metabolism? Whenever I weigh myself after my cheat day of eating more calories, I weigh less. It’s really weird, but do you have any more tips on staying on track during the week? Sometimes I randomly binge.. Great job on your weight loss btw!

    • darnfitness dice:

      Hey Kayla! Yes,I think the cheat day helps with metabolism and “carb loading”,if you want. That’s why my cheat day workout is more intense, I just feel more energetic. And about tips for the week… I’m just going to post about that right now,check it!

  2. darnfitness dice:

    You know what they say, Tommy… It takes one to recognize one!!!


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