Enter the Adonis Trasformation contest! AKA Progress Pics

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So, the good guys at the Adonis Index site have this contest regularly, it last 12 weeks and you try your best to transform your body in that window of time.

You got to take a few shot of yourself to enter, and they do have the option to post pics with bodybuilding poses. It’s not mandatory, but there is the option to do that. So I went ahead and shot those too. OK, I’ll shut up now, here are the pics:












Yeah, I forgot to squeeze the abs (idiot) I was thinking “lats”













So… that’s it. What do you think?

Go to work… out

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Today I was carless (the Rein-mobile is at the mechanics, he has a fever) so if I wanted to go to the gym I would have to go on foot. My gym is about a 30 minutes walk from home. BUT! Earlier today, I had a really bad lunch meeting, with lots of breaded, fried stuff, and frankly more gluten I had in the past month. And I wont blame the gluten or say “it wasn’t primal food” for my bellyache, because it was the volume. I ate until full, then ate, and ate, and ate some more. And then I had dessert 😛

Also, I was on a funk today. You know that kind of day. You just want to lay on the couch. Everything fitness related seems like a chore. Oh, and I have a cold for like 3 days now.  And my car is at the mechanic, so I had to walk to the gym if I ever wanted to do  any workout. And it’s freezing here (snowing in some areas, not here tho).

But something drove me to pack my gym bag, walk half an hour to the gym, workout for 90 minutes, then walk back home, while feeling the funk the whole time. I figured out what miracle was happening in the walk there. And I came up with a way to share it with you.

You’ll see, today the alarm clock went off as it does every morning at 7 AM. Did I feel like sleep some more? Until 12 PM? SURE! But… I have a job, and probably you have one too, so you understand. You can’t say “Mmmmfff, I just don’t feel like working today, I’ll just stay in bed”. Your boss would disagree with that strongly. So, you get up, shower, and go to work.

And some days are nice at work, and you even enjoy them; but other days… you hate it. Your boss yells at you, or a costumer or client yells at you, or a co-worker yells at you…. ugh. And you just can’t say “Fuck it, I’m living early today because I had a bad moment with someone (at 11 AM) because… well, your boss would disagree with that strongly.

Why do we wake up so early and sleepy? Why do we torture ourselves getting up before sunrise? Why we stay in our workplace until 5 PM??? Because we need the paycheck. Because WE KNOW that if we do the work, the paycheck comes at the end of the month. You don’t have to enjoy it everyday, you just got to DO IT and the paycheck will come. So you do it. Period.


And this is why I still went to the gym today, funk and all. Because I’m following a program that is proven. I had seen what it has done for others. Heck, I’m only 3 weeks on it and I’m already seeing unexpected results. So, I know there’s a very good prize at the end. I know there is a reward at the end. And I want it. I want it bad. Just like I want my paycheck every month. And to get that prize, I just got to do the work… outs. Just like work, and I don’t need to enjoy it everyday. I just have to DO IT. Enjoy it or not, hate or not; if I do the workouts, the prize will come.

I want the results, so I did the job. I worked out for 90 minutes. I disliked every single one of them. But I did it anyways. And felt great afterwards, like “Thanks God that is over”. The same thing I said after I left my workplace at 5 PM. I’m sure the paychecks are on their way. Both of them.

It’s the end of the month.

More shirtless progress pics, Adonis Index Style

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Wow. I just got to say wow. I have done more progress in my shoulders in the last 3 weeks than in the last 6 months with the Adonis Index Program. I’m waiting to finish the first module (each module is 4 weeks long) before actually writinig down a review, but I needed to share these pics!

The Adonis Index Program gives you the option to do a “booster” program for a certain body part. Meaning, after the actual workout, you can do a mini workout specifically design to make a body part grow (no, not that part you pervs). I chosen shoulders, so twice a week I do an extra shoulder workoutthat last abou 20-25 mins.

Anyway, this before pics are from January, but since then I was doing 2 workouts a week, 20 minutes per session, focusing in compound exercises (squats, chin-ups, dips, military press with bad range of motion in my shoulders). It was maintenance at its best. No fat gaining, no muscle gaining either. I looked just like this a month ago. After 3 weeks.. see for yourself.









This is after 3 weeks. I can’t even begin to wonder what waits for me deeper the rabbit’s hole.

Let’s find out together!

Adonis Index Program

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So, the program whore is back. Don’t get me wrong, I was doing quite well doing workouts on my own for like… err… like two full weeks. But I couldn’t resist doing this program, since I wanted to do it for about two years!

I love the guys behind this program, and I had been following their work for a few years. I added them to facebook, even. They’re very wise, fitness like. They don’t just talk and talk and talk about fat loss and muscle building and have a crappy body themselves (I’m lookink at you, Lyle), but they do look amazingly fit and muscular and found their methods and programs in real science. What’s not to love? Why didn’t I jumped in earlier in their program???

THE THING COSTED $200 DOLLARS BACK THEN. Ands it used to cost almost freakin’ $500 dollars. YIKES, DOUBLE YIKES!!!

But, before I talk any further, let me give the quick recap. They found their whole program in the “Adonis Index”, or the golden proportion that is Phi, or 1 is to 1.618. The Golden Proportion is present in nature as

and they say this Golden Proportion makes the perfect male body. Wait, what??!?!?! It totally sounds like a fad. Until you learn that this proportion was a must in earlier sculptures, like the David…

or the Vitruvian Man…



Artists had been using this Golden proportions to make their sculptures beatiful since ever. Because this proportion just looks nice. And healthy. Sure, any women loves broad shoulders and a narrow waist (and if you are a lady and say “I don’t”, actually you love your husband/boyfriend, not his actual figure). It’s a primal thing. Broad shoulders and narrow waist in a male is just sexy, or calls respect (depending what swings your boat). So, this program calls you to try and achieve theat same Golden Ratio on to yourself, loering your body fat in the middle and building muscle in your upper body.

I don’t know, it made sense to me, and I was pulling out my wallet to buy this when I saw the price tag… $200 dollars! With tears falling down my eyes (but manly tears, do notice) I went to the future, (I was in a  before Adelle time) and sang at the top of my lungs “Nevermind I’ll find someone like yoooooo-ooouuuuu!” –> enter The Hollywood Physique program. I bought that for ust $47 and trained it with excellent results. It does work, and if you want to buy it, do so! It really works. But since I am me, I got bored after a year, and wanted something new.

Recently, I stumbled into the same Adonis Index website again, and I was very excited to the fact that the price went down quite a bit (two monthly payment of $39.95). My Mastercard never went out of the wallet so fast!!


I  shot some progress pics that will do as “Day 1” pics. Here they are:






If you have been following for a while, you’ll see that I’m rocking maintenance, and maybe (M-A-Y-B-E) gained some broader back and a little shoulders in the last months. But that’s about it, if you ask me. Let’s see what happens.

SPECIAL NOTE: I fucked it up. I was supposed to hit SAVE, not PUBLISH. So, I published a draft. Damn it. I’ll finish the post later on this week, hopefully tomorrow (since I know the draft is up and embarrasing me). Bare with me here.

SPECIAL NOTE NUMBER 2: I added the missing pics. All good now.

For all your troubles and understanding, here’s a potato:

June’s Report or Scumbag Brain

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*back from death*

Yeah, isn’t this weird? To not blog for a looooong time, and then write something again? There’s this akwardness in the air….

But you’ll see, I promise to myself to never, EVER stop blogging. Even if I take long pauses between posts, the blog will never be closed and buried. I had seen too many blogs disolving into thin air, great blogs actually, and I promised to myself that this wont happen here. Ever.

Yet, at the same time, I also promised to myself that I would post something only when I have something to say. Yes, I could post something like “Today I went to the gym, then eat right, then got drunk, but it’s all OK because I stayed under my calorie limit and I’m still thin” or some shit like that, just a fast review of my day and call it a post. But the thing is… I might post the same exact post every single day for months straight!!!! So, if I got nothing new to say…. I rather not.

But I got something “newish” to talk about today! It’s not exactly new new, but sorta new. I wanna talk about my very own body distortion syndrome.


Like this, but with a much bigger package. Really, like super huge bigger.


 Let’s do the quick recap. I’m still eating primal, still working out, still thin. Do not worry about me going back to my previous 30% body fat self. Not. Gonna. Happen.

I have been doing some changes in my diet and workout strategies. For starters, I said in a previous post that I would start working out more at home, with just my 16 kilos kettlebell and own body weight. Dude, that shotgun backfired at me, big time. Turns out (big shocker): I’m a lazy fuck. I need more structure than “I’ll just workout whenever I feel like it, and I bet everything will turn out OK”. So, from now on I’ll work out 2 days a week, a proper gym workout, and just one day a week of “whatever I feel like doing” day.

In the diet department, I had been eating more potatos, some rice here and there, and a cheat meal (cake! cake! and more cake!) in the weekends.

But you’ll see, even with changes on diet and exercise (for the worst), I’m still losing fat. My weight is about the same, always around 63 kilos or so (still in the healthy range, not in the underweigth range) and my belt is again starting to ask for another hole… and I still have FAT DAYS. 

I looked up body distortion on google, and turns out I don’t have it. I still can say to myself that I’m fucking nuts, and not fat. Real Body Distortion gets so bad that you actually feel and see yourself as morbidly obese when you’re anorexic and a bag of bones. I’m not that bad (yet).

I told you before that I want a super hero body. But not the muscular Thor or even Hulk; I want the very slim, yet muscular Spiderman body. If you think of Spiderman, he’s lightweight, yet muscular, and he has a really disturbing thin waist. Like, too thin. A wasp’s waist. I have one of those waists already. So, skinny fuck right here *waves hand in tha air*

But… when you are skinny like me, you just need to eat dinner to see something really different afterwards, spécially if you do Intermittent Fasting like me and FEAST during your dinner. Suddenly, you swallowed a WATERMELON. You’ll be right back to your skinny self in the morning, but after dinner, the actual content of your stomach shows up like a ballon. And if your mind is fucked up like mine is, this starts all kinds of emergency lights in you head. Scumbag Brain…

Oh, and mirrors. One day, in the lockerroom, I got a glimpse of myself and think “Dude, looking good!!!”. And the next day is “WTF; YOU FUCKING COW, WHAT HAPPENED?!?!?!”. And the very next day, is “Dude, looking good!!!”



Add same bipolar days to the mix with: big biceps/skinny arms; little pecs/decent pecs, better legs/skinny chicken legs, and on and on and on… sometimes I see differents thing DURING THE SAME DAY.

So, I came to this conclution: I’M FUCKING NUTS.

If I see my self as skinny or underweight, I savor that feeling for a few secs, and then say to myself “YOU’RE FUCKING NUTS. WHATEVER YOU THINK YOU’RE SEEING, IT’S A LIE. YOU’RE FUCKING NUTS DUDE, DON’T BELIEVE ANYTHING YOU SEE”.

And if I see myself as fat, I savor that feeling for a few secs, and then say to myself “YOU’RE FUCKING NUTS. WHATEVER YOU THINK YOU’RE SEEING, IT’S A LIE. YOU’RE FUCKING NUTS DUDE, DON’T BELIEVE ANYTHING YOU SEE”.

I learned that I can’t trust myself with body image issues. So, I’m gonna keep doing what I’m doing, and hope for the best! 

Mantainance can be a bitch. OH YES, IT CAN BE.


Primal Eating

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I have updated the “The Diet” page. I paste exactly the same thing I wrote there. Just to make a cheap post LOL 😉 No, really. People might see this post first, and it’s a good one. All the links aren’t displaying, but lok up! See “The Diet”  thing? Click on that, the same post is there but the links are working in there. Here I go:


What tha heck do you eat, anyway?

I follow the ways of “Primal Eating”. It means, I choose to eat the way our ancestors ate many, many years ago.

50 years back from today, people actually fried and prepared food WITH FREACKING LARD. And not a single fuck was given those days about it.

200 years back from today, people actually made their own bread and pasta from SCRATCH.

About 7,000-10,000 years ago, people discovered that they could plant seeds and agriculture was born. We started to eat grains (wheat, barley, rice, etc.) and legumes as staple foods.

That’s 10,000 years! A long time, uh? But you’ll see, human beings (with our same DNA, not some weird ape-man Neanderthal thingy, but actual humans) have been around for… wait for it… 200,000 years ago!!! Meaning, we survived as a species for 190,000 years without eating grains and legumes regularly.

Let that one sink for a minute. For 95% of our history, we didn’t eat any grains or legumes regularly. No bread, no pasta, no rice. And once we started eating those (for only 5% of our recent history), several crappy staff started to happen, including growth retardation in children, decreased muscle and bone mass in adults, kidney stone formation, decaying of teeth, shorter people, etc). <— PubMed article. But, somehow, even as we grew sicker and sicker, you can still imagine healthy people 500 years ago (around the time that guy Columbus was alive), especially in America (the WHOLE America, americans. Not just you). Maybe the rest of the world was “healthy” too?

But then, we managed to screw things up even more. 200 years ago, we discovered the joys of INDUSTRY. And food started to be sold in a box. Candy was not a treat you baked for a birthday, it started to come in a bag, ready to grab, pay and eat. Then, some guys were not happy just selling soap and invented a Franken-oil. And that was about when the shit hit the fan.

We started to get fat as fuck and started dying like flies. Just a few years ago (looking at the big 200,000 years picture), scientists were FORCED to come up with an explanation and a plan. Politics, ya’ know. Some dude did a little manipulating of data (drama queen, needed attention) and bam! It was the fat all along! We blamed saturated fat (the exactly same fat that we were eating from animals since 200,000 fucking years ago ¬¬’ Are you fucking kidding me?) and we were told to eat a lot of new oils from veggies and flowers, and make the new-eats-from-the-last-5%-of-our-history (grains!) staple foods. The pyramid food was born.

Luckily, this worked like a charm. Today, everybody is healthy and thin and muscular and lives for 100 years. Epic fail, anyone?

Since things were getting worst and worst, scientists sit down and came up with a logical explanation. Their advice cannot be wrong, of course, so it had to be YOU. YOU weren’t listening. YOU are a pig AND a sloth. Their advice was perfect, but YOU are such a failure that can’t follow simple directions. You buy this crap, and keep tracking your calories, and follow the “My Plate” guidelines, eating your oatmeal for breakfast, doing aerobic exercise 20 minutes/3 times a week, but still you fail at losing fat. And feel miserable about it.

Is it your fault? Or is it theirs?


What is this “Primal” non-sense, anyway? It’s about rewind time the best we can, and eat the foods we ate for the first 190,000 years of our history. And move/exercise the way we did back then. Doing this stuff has some terrible side effects, tho. Like you start to lose fat. You might even start to look good naked. You might got more energy. You might lose sight of your doc, since a lot diseases stop hanging around you. You also might become a zealot. And start lecturing people about the bread they’re eating. And give disapproval looks at other people’s plates. Did I mention start looking good naked?

I try to emulate that way of eating/exercising the best I can. I could never do it exactly that way. For example, bananas might not be the same bananas from 200,000 years ago. We have chosen some species, breed them to make them sweeter and yellower and stuff. Just about a couple of hundreds years ago, all carrots were PURPLE. Yes, purple. They weren’t very popular either. We grew them to be orange (even now, some carrots still have some purple around the leaves at the top, have you noticed that?) Back then, we would hunt a boar for 30-60 minutes, and then carry it to camp. And that was work. The rest of the day we pooped and fucked. Today, we got 9 hours workdays. We used to walk barefoot like a hobbit, we have shoes now (wonder what that does to our feet bone structure…).

Still, I got some slack. I do eat cake at birthdays, have some bread or pasta here and there, and I freacking love alcohol 🙂 But I do my best to eat primal every single day. What are my eats?

– Meat (chicken, beef, pork, ham, fish, soylent green) and a side salad.

-Meat and a stir-fry of veggies.

-Omelets, hard boiled eggs, scrambled eggs.

– Coffee, teas, water, sparkling water. Diet soda on special ocassions.

-Fruits, 1 piece or so everyday.

– Whey protein.

-Splash of whole milk on coffee, cream to coffee and meals, butter.

-Honey, sometimes. In beverages, desserts or dishes.

-Cheeses and nuts as condiments.

-Lard, olive oil, grapeseed oil.

-The ocassional potato.

That’s it, in a nutshell. If this is the first time you read anything like this, click all the links and read the websites <— specially this one. I’m here to answer your questions too. I think you just hit the jackpot.


For so many years, I had been lifting the same way: progressive overload. Wich is the way to go, I think. It means that every workout (or eventually, between sessions) you need to exert yourself a little bit more than before. One more rep than last session, a few seconds less of rest than last week, a little bit more iron in the bar than last month, and so on. For this to happen, you need to keep a journal, and eventually you build a huge archive of this over the years.

So, everytime before the gym, I look at what I did last time, and write a new “exercise plan” in the journal. One more rep on the squat, add more weight to the military press, or whatever. Then, I write the new plan again on a post-it and take that with me to the gym. When I’m back home, I correct the journal if I didn’t managed to finish some exercise, or took a long break during the set, or whatever.

After years of doing that, dude, I am sick of it. I really am. Everything came down to numbers. To planning. I’m tired of it.

When I knew I was facing (minor) surgery 3 weeks ago, the first thing that popped in my mind was “Fuck it. I’m skipping the weights all week, because.. what’s the point?” I was going to lose my “momentum”, my numbers. I’ll had to start all over again with lower weights. With less reps. So I skipped a week BEFORE the surgery. Because to me, it was worthless.

This two weeks recovering after the surgery gave me time to think. Besides building the square foot garden, I also came to some peace with this subject. I realized I can never win to my expectations about muscle building, and that I don’t need to anyway.

I look at the buffed guys at the gym, some of them openly juicing (yet, they don’t sell it) and I think that’s too much muscle. They don’t look athletic, they look… what’s the word? Just too much. I would have stopped building muscle long before if I were them, yet they keep juicing, keep going to the gym 5 days a week, because they want MORE. MOOOAARR!!! I also want to get more muscle (natural way only, tho), but the point is, when is it enough? When you get to a certain centimeters/inches of biceps? A certain PR in the squat? I believe (and this is my opinion) that is NEVER enough. Because you’re never too skinny, or too muscular, or too defined, or too hot, or too healthy, or get too much ass, or too much anything. SPECIALLY when you are anal about it and keep a journal and try to beat your own records. You have this goal of improving yourself always, but no real “goal”. No “If I get there, I’ll be happy and just enjoyed it for the rest of my life with the least possible effort” point. No. Is 15% body fat your goal? Meet that goal, and I bet, I bet you’ll want to go for 14%. And then, would you be happy? Or you’ll try for 13%??? 12%??? All the way down to 8%???

Squat half your body weight? Your body weight? Double your bodyweight???

Again, I’m talking about my point of view here. Trying to always improve the numbers in my lifting journal sucked all the fun from it. It happened slowly, but dude, it sucked ALL the fun. It got so bad, that I skipped a whole week of perfectly good time to exercise, because I was going to lose some numbers anyway because of the surgery.

The time out let me think about this, and I get to this conclusion, or epiphany if you must: I ALREADY MET MY GOAL. I went from 90 kilos and 30% bodyfat to what I am now. I feel fit. I look fit. But my workouts are no fun. And they should be fun, if not, why keep doing something you don’t enjoy? It doesn’t make sense. I need a change!!!

Scroll up and look at the pic I chose for this post. There’s a woman, about 50 years old, exercising with just a bar. She’s obviously fat. But she’s doing it right. She’s fighting osteoporosis with that, and keeping her hips healthy. I’m now in my early thirties. I want to keep being young, feeling fit, and healthy for the rest of my life, so I can enjoy it. Just like that woman, I wanna do it right. And enjoy my health, not punish myself with numbers and inches of biceps. I want to have a fit, healthy body and that’s it. End of the story. That’s my final goal. And guess what, I think I already met that goal a fucking year ago!!!!! So this last 12 months I had been struggling with what, exactly? Farts from ghosts???? Numbers on a spreadsheet????

So, I came out with this new plan. 10% journal driven, boring weight lifting. 90% fun, almost non-written-in-the-journal workout. Say what, again? OK, picture this: 1, maybe 2 boring weight lifting sessions per week, journaled, old fashion. The rest of the time? I’ll just have fun!!! I’ll say “OK, today it’s 200 push ups” and just do so! No matters how much breaks I need to do, or how long it will take me. 200 bodyweight squats during the day? 80 burpees next day! Sprinting for fun! I haven’t posted a progress pic for a while… why not take my shirt off, record myself doing 100 chinups (even if it takes me 2 hours or more!), youtube it and kill two birds with one stone. If I get really, really crazy, maybe even take a day off, or two??? Maybe give that abandoned kettlebell a swing or two?

I really wanna get away from this structure of tuesday-thursday-saturday lifting with plans and journals and shit. I want this to be fun. The way it’s supposed to be!! If muscle building or fat loss happens, so be it!!! But I have met my goal, and anything from this point and beyond is a BONUS!!!!

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Square Foot Garden: Part Two

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What tha heck is this? Go read the previous post. It’s OK, I’ll wait here… … … Are you back? OK, let’s move on. Yeah, Mel’s mix. What’s that? The dude that wrote the Square Foot Garden is called Mel, so Mel’s mix is the dirt mix on what I’ll be growing my crops now. You don´t get to use your own dirt, tho. You buy everything from scratch. It is costly, but… if you’re serious on gardening, you need to get your back yard’s soil tested. And corrected to pH, and stuff. Also, lots and lots of shovel work, as you remove stones and stuff. Fuck all that. You already saw I builded a box… I did not build that thing to fill it with common dirt. Mel’s Mix is 1/3 vermiculite, 1/3 peat moss, and 1/3 compost. Good news: compost is cheap as shit. Bad news… let’s just say, try to buy vermiculite and peat moss in huge bags . My city only carries small bags, so shit, this all project costes me about 200 american dolars. But I didn’t care (I’m lying, I did care). It’s the cost of a Nintendo 3DS, but I’l be playing a lot more in this garden all day long…. Maybe you can get all of it for a cheaper price. But where I live, that was the cost. A gathered all the stuff… And started on the PVC frame. It’s self explanatory. We did nails, but you could do screws too.. Then we cut and drilled a smaller piece of PVd, and assemble it… Added Mel’s mix…. Night vision mode on… We’ll se if something grows up in there…

Square Foot Garden: Part One

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Fact you probably don’t know about me: I have two left hands. I hate everything crafty because, well, crafts hate me!  This hate relationship started well young, at age 7 probably, and stayed with me during my adult life.

At school, every single project resulted in a mess. Soda/vinegar volcano? It leaked from the bottom. That jewelry box I had to make? Crooked. That scarf they made me needle? I did it, so SO tight that it started like a scarf and ended like a knot. That time I tried to build my own PC? I burned the motherboard.

So you’ll see, crafts make me nervous. I don’t like them. Heck, even buying furniture makes me shiver because nobody sells you a freckin’ desk nowadays, oh no, they sell you a box with many many parts and bolts and a joke of a “instruction’s manual” wich consist in a few images of what the box should have and then an attempt to guide you “step-by-step” on how to put it together, obviously written by a mime (no words, at all!).

This also applies to gardening. My last project was lettuce. It didn’t even sprout. So, this idea of building a square foot garden (SFG) has everything of what my nightmares are filled with. I need to build a box, then mix up some special blend of dirt, then sprout seeds at home, then transplanting them… Oh dear God.

But the thing is, I want this garden so bad! For the last couple of years, every spring I think “Yes, this year I’ll build a greenhouse!” and never really do it. But the idea to grow my own veggies is like, wow, amazing! I finally get my hands into the “Square Foot Garden” book, wich is new to me but apparently has been a hit for many many years now, and decided to just dive into the project without thinking too much (and asking help from a friend who is slightly more crafty than me).

We went shopping for wood today, and I immediately assumed crash position. You know, crash position, like when your airplane is about to crash? I just asummed that something, at some point, was going to end up so bad that the whole project will be ruined. We got our wood cut, and after leaving the store and into the parking lot, well, something crashed. The damn plywood didn’t fit into my small city car! Instead of panicking, I went back into the store, bought some plastic rope, and after some mindwork, looking at the task from a lot of different angles and basically doing exactly what the dog from the top pic is doing, we came out with this:

Cool uh? But then… we can’t open the doors now. Duh! Total Homer moment. We pulled a “Dukes of Hazard” and jumped in from the open windows. Yes, people stared. Oh well.. And oh boy, that was a fun ride back home! My mind was racing about all the car accidents I was about to cause! Luckily, we arrived OK. In case you’re wondering, we used that lighter to cut the plastic rope, since we didn’t bring any scissors.

Just in case, let me remind you that…

… and my friend either does, so we decided to skip the drilling with screws like the book said, and finally went for good old fashion nails. Because we have never used a drill to screw screws. Lame, I know. We hammered the hell out of the wood (cracking some of it, then we switched to smaller nails, oops!) and get this nice frame to the end of it.

Then, I grew a pair and drill some holes into the plywood, can you see them? The holes, not the pair, I mean.

That’s for drainage. For a dude with two left hands, I was feeling like a lumberjack 😀

Finally, we hammered down some more nails aaaand…

..we got our raised bed, wich is also mobile now!

Did the plywood bottom fit perfectly? No. Was it hard to build? No. I decided to do this today, and nothing more. Sure, we could have done more work, but I decided that I would build this first today and nothing else. I hope tomorrow we will build the greeenhouse around it, and no, nothing else. No dirt mix tomorrow, no planting, no anything. Just build the greenhouse from some PVC tubes and some sturdy plastic wrap, and nothing else. Baby steps. I’ll keep you guys posted.

BTW, my surgery was fine, yet not fun. I’m pain free, and can move OK.

Oh crap.

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Long time no see.

Well, I’m glad to say I had been lazy in the blogging area, but not in the workout aspect. I didn’t gain 100 pounds, wich is what you might fear for a fitness blogger going MIA. Actually I look kind of the same, maybe a little leaner, actually. So, why the “Oh crap” title??

OK, to starters, I got to get surgery done. Don’t worry, it’s a minor one. I don’t wanna go into boring details, but the butcher won’t be touching any vital or non-vital organs. Just skin and some fat. No, it’s not liposuction!!! Just something that needs to get sewed. The problem lies in that, it’s in the lower body (take your mind out of the gutter, it’s not in THAT area), so even when the actual surgery has the complexity of, I don’t know, fucking kindergarden, I’m still unable to workout for about 3-4 weeks afterwards.  The surgery will take place this April 10th.

To that, add a funk to my workout routine. I did the same program for about 6 months, then changed it for a mix of the same program plus what I felt I needed to do. That lasted for like, 9 months. And I totally burned that off. It got BORING.

Last Thursday I knew my surgery date. And the tought just popped into my mind: “What’s the use of working out today? You’ll still lose a lot of strenght/size in the 3-4 weeks recovery time. You’ll not be adding anything up if you workout today. NOTHING AT ALL”. Plus, the boredom of my current program. I just feel like “What’s the point?”.

And to that, add to the mix that damn voice all of us ex-fatties have… “You’re going to lose all the muscle”… “You’re going to get fat”…. “You didn’t worked out today, now you’re totally going to get fat”… “You’re screwed!”


Oh God, why.


But! I did some brain work, and came out with a fix. I’ll have my surgery, rest, and watch the whole Netflix during my recovery. If you though “The whole Netflix???” there, I bet you’re American. Yes, Chile does have Netflix, but they’re adding movies slowly (but steady). Half of it is crap. I think I can watch the other good half in 3 weeks!

And I’m going to use that time to redesing my workout program. I see a very lean 4 pack if I cough on purpose (max abs contraction). So I can live with slower fat loss. Muscle gain got boring (or the approach I was targeting it). So I’m ready. I think I’ll take a try into the Oly’s. Olympic training, nothing else. I’ll study those in my time out.

Also, I discovered there’s a group in my shitty city that actually does… shall I name it…. parkour. I’m not going to say I WILL train for that, but still… sounds interesting.

OK, here’s for fat gaining and muscle losing during April, and a new start in May!!